Fantasy Sports App Development

We make fantasy sports games more enjoyable and engaging!

The inventive minds at work go above and above to create apps that exude originality and enthrall consumers right away. On the other hand, the fantasy sports app developers at Mulsan are equally committed to providing perfection - regardless of the difficulties and particular customer requirements.

Android App

More than 85% of users in Fantasy Sports use mobile apps. Our expertise lies in designing and creating Android applications that provide users with a seamless experience while playing fantasy games .


We specialize in designing and developing iOS applications. Our team of experts uses the latest technologies and development tools to create high-quality and engaging applications.

Web app

We specialize in designing and developing web applications that allow users to play fantasy games using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and frameworks such as React, Angular.

Things to Consider

• Registration/Sign Up

The user must register using an email address or phone number; this is the most typical aspect of a fantasy sports app. Also, users can link their social media profiles.

• User Dashboard

Users can manage all of their profile information, including name, bio, account details, payment information, overall ranking, etc., on the user dashboard, which also allows them to examine the most recent revisions.

• Selection of a team

The user can put together a team of specific players. Moreover, real-time statistics for each player are shown to help consumers choose while adhering to the selection criteria.

• Joining Game

With this function, users can join any planned games. The users can also participate in any active game. The user may also initiate the competition if they so choose.

• Live Score and updates

It enables users to view the current standings and all of the most recent game updates. There are live scores and real-time streaming of the games on the fantasy sports app to increase its attractiveness.

• Push Notification

Users receive notifications for daily deals, player performance, planned events, match opening/closing dates, live scores, the most recent updates, and many other things via push notifications.

• Analytics and statistics

Users can check the information for all played matches using this tool. Users may keep tabs on their accolades, results, and bonuses. Reports and statistics are available for each player's journey.

• Invite Friend

Refer a Friend: To earn extra and reward points, users can send referral URLs and codes to their family, friends, and other known individuals.

• Sign up/Login

For administrators to protect the security and privacy of the fantasy sports app, registration or signing up is a requirement. The administrator can sign in using their phone number or email address.

• User Management

The admin can utilize this functionality to add, delete, or deactivate a specific user's account in accordance with the app's policies.

• Data Management

The administrator can keep track of all the user's data like their rewards, prizes, and cash that the users have earned. Users can view their cumulative winnings from all of the games they've played.

• Managing contests and result

It enables the administrator to plan and control multiple competitions. They can also maintain tabs on the outcomes of the matches and the points that the users have accrued.

• Winning distribution

It gives the administrator the ability to control how many teams win in each sport's matches. This panel can be used to award the winnings following the conclusion of the match and after the correct point allocation and ranking.

• Transaction

The transaction may include the deposits made by users and the withdrawals made by winners. The admin panel handles and completes every step of the process.

• Analytics Report

It aids in the creation and upkeep of real-time databases and information, including reports on player revenues and rankings. The administrator has access to view all app activity.

• Revenue Management

With the aid of the revenue management system, the administrator is able to oversee and reconcile all revenue.

Types of Fantasy Sports application

Fantasy Cricket App Development

A game that everyone enjoys. Cricket is a thrilling sport that has millions of admirers all around the world. With our fantasy cricket app solutions, we have the opportunity to transport you to the fantasy cricket world right now. Our fantasy sports app development services can assist you in getting scalable apps to grow your gaming company. The most cutting-edge and distinctive elements that provide a real-time playing experience are integrated into our software solutions. Being a seasoned provider of fantasy cricket app development, we create the solution with a user interface that appeals to gamers while also meeting all of your company's needs.

Fantasy Football App Development

Many age groups, including men, women, and kids, enjoy the fast-paced, strategic, and enjoyable game of football. The software for fantasy Football is the answer to how to maintain their competitive spirit. We have also significantly improved our skills in developing fantasy Football apps over time. We have developed fantasy app development services that also include Football app development for the world's top leagues. Our fantasy Football app development services are tailored to your company's needs. We make sure to take into account all user security & privacy issues when delivering fantasy Football app development services.

Fantasy Kabaddi App Development

Not just Cricket fans but we have a solution for Kabaddi fans. Powerful Fantasy Kabaddi Apps are made by our staff, and they can bring in a lot of money. To help your gaming company grow, Mulsan IT develops professional fantasy Kabaddi software solutions. Kabaddi is a game that has a tone of worldwide appeal and a lot of fan interest.

Fantasy Basketball App Development

Do you enjoy Basketball leagues? We are renowned for developing rich fantasy Basketball apps that are designed to provide the finest user experience. With billions of followers worldwide, it is a very well-liked winter sport that has experienced one of the quickest growth rates. Because the game is so engaging, there is a huge market for fantasy Basketball software solutions that can unite all basketball aficionados on a single fantasy sports platform. We offer our clients a dependable fantasy basketball app development service so they may improve the fun factor of their online basketball gaming while also generating enormous profits. We strive to satisfy all of our clients' needs as a reliable fantasy basketball app development business.

Fantasy Baseball App Development

Our skilled team of programmers for fantasy sports applications is aware of the needs of baseball fans and produces fantasy baseball apps with lots of features. Mulsan IT is a leader in the fantasy baseball app development sector because we have a team of professionals and specialists who make fantasy baseball apps for our clients that allow users to play games, win cash and prizes, and enjoy all the activities virtually. You can work with us, a well-known fantasy baseball app development business, to create the app of your dreams, and we'll help you make good money by creating scalable solutions.

Why Choose Mulsan for Fantasy Sports App Development

Dedicated Developers

Our team of web developers works exclusively on your fantasy sports app. Our developers stay up to date with new technology so they can provide scalable fantasy sports apps of highest caliber.

Dedicated QA Team

For end-to-end testing of the application, our devoted and trained QA team adheres to best practices and established testing procedures. We place a priority on quality.

Web app

Our committed staff members are knowledgeable about several well-known sports and are skilled at creating fantasy sports applications for a variety of sports.

Round-the-Clock Assistance

Our committed support & maintenance team is available whenever you need them, to give you the best assistance possible. making sure it is error-free, keeping it updated, and keeping up with technology.


A fantasy sports app is a mobile interactive program that enables users to create their own teams of players and engage in real-time sports competitions with other teams. Users can join the contest with their teams and compete the with other contestants, whoever scores high, will be a winner

The price of developing a fantasy cricket app relies on a number of factors, including:
How many platforms (Android, iOS, or both) and what features do you intend to include Complicated issues, Hourly rate of fantasy cricket app developers, Size of the development crew. The price to create a fantasy cricket website or app varies depending on these elements. You can contact us with your needs if you want to know the precise price, and we will be pleased to assist you

The project's needs and level of complexity will determine how long it takes to develop. From concept to launch, it typically takes us four to six weeks to create a fantasy sports software. The schedule can also be altered to suit your unique requirements and financial constraints.

Mulsan IT is a highly skilled and adaptable fantasy sports app development business that employs some of the top developers in the industry and has a wealth of expertise creating a wide range of immersive and scalable solutions for a variety of platforms. You have access to a team that upholds international standards and maintains a high degree of project development discipline. Our nearly unrivalled level of customer service puts us head and shoulders above the competition. Our developers apply the best approaches and include the newest trends and technology while keeping in mind what people desire to provide an unrivalled user experience. We provide thorough support both during the development of the app and after its release.