Our Process

Our Processes

Mulsan Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a passionate to make Project Management Plan, Project Work Estimation, Quality Assurance Reports, Project Analysis Plan, and define deadlines with expected targets results to complete web development and software projects on time to make clients smile. We are providing various dynamic elements to make professionalism to complete project delivery on time.


Planning is a best solution for every project estimation time and necessary requirements for project start up and End up.


Every project meets up to deadlines period according to project goal plan tasks which are successfully achieve within limitations.


Every employee in our company is dedicated and passionate to complete work responsibilities in a fulfill manner.


To make work easier & faster discussions and meetings between every employee is beneficial term to establish growth and development for project as well as employee.


After successful completion of project work, we require to make successful project delivery as per clients fulfillment without any limitation.


To make project plan and requirement analysis, we are maintaining project reports in proper format structure.

As per project work analysis according to clients demand we also providing work status report, weekly status report and monthly status report to make client satisfaction.

Pre-development Planning

Based on a high-level understanding of the solution required, Mulsan Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. will submit a high level Project Plan enlisting all the major features and milestones of the project with their estimated completion dates. There after a Requirement Specification document will be prepare to list all the modules, sub modules and project features. This document after a few iterations between the client and our team, will act as a guide line to the development process. On the completion of a suitable SRS, we will prepare a Prototype of the solution required. The Prototype provides a page-by-page rough layout of the proposed solution and will be used to get final sign-offs prior to delivery.

  • The Prototype may contain one or more of the following depending on the scale of the project.
  • The contents of each page with a large degree of functionality details.
  • The client-side manipulation required in each page.
  • The static depiction of input received from the server.
  • The navigability of the important portions.
  • The Prototype will be handed over to the client for a detailed analysis and approval and is subjected to changes, if any. On the basis of the sign off on the Prototype, the actual coding will begin.

Based on the inputs given in the Prototype, we will put a team of System Analysts and Programmers to work on parallel activities:

  • Database design : - The Database design is retained by us, unless specifically asked for by the client and is an internal deliverable for the project.
  • User Interface design : - The User Interface design in standard mobile responsive and lite weighted images were used.
  • Overall User experience definition (Typically the home page of the site).
  • Design of the main interfaces of the high-level modules of the solution.
  • Design of unique, non-standard elements in the site.
  • The contents of each page with a large degree of functionality.
  • The User Interface design will go through a couple of iterations until it’s finalized. The final user interface design is subjected to minor changes later on. After delivery of the User Interface design, the solution coding begins. Coding will be subject to regular internal quality checks to confirm quality of delivery and adherence to client’s requirement. On completion of functionality of each module, client approvals will be sought. This process will continue until all modules are delivered.


Once the project is ready for delivery, it is deployed in a production environment and is opened to all user groups. At this stage the solution is closely monitored for efficiency and performance deficiencies, which are fixed online for a period agreed upon mutually between us and the client. This is usually treated as final delivery by Mulsan Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. and the final invoice is raised and payments received. After the period of close monitoring is complete, Mulsan Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. will move the solution to a Maintenance Mode, where a skeletal team will be available for minor feature additions and changes based on user feedback.