Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization SEO

This powerful tool helps you to get an edge in digital marketing and lays a strategy to increase your reach to potential customers. There are approximately 3.5 billion searches every day and the volume of searchers is only growing by more than 10% every year, with Google leading the market share. The best place to meet your customers is on the search engine where you can advertise your product and service. Digital marketing heavily relies on SEO as it is the key arsenal that directs the search engine to crawl and index your website in their catalogue.

The impact of SEO on your product or service

Exposing your company’s product and service to the search engine by analyses and implementation of different website strategies that will build a higher rank by using appropriate keywords on certain subjects. This strategy is search specific and ensures that your product is listed in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and can be easily found by searchers. On the other hand, if your product is listed on the later pages on Google SERP, then your product will be ignored by your customer and they will not be able to find your website organically. If they can’t find you, your product will never sell. Therefore, investing in SEO is extremely important if you want your business to be seen in the search engine.

Other benefits of SEO

- Brand Awareness
Your efforts on improving the SEO service will guarantee the inflow of web traffic to your site. This will naturally lead to brand awareness and persuade people to browse through and buy your product. 

- Enhancing user experience on your website
Your search engine ranking will improve with the right user experience. Therefore, delivering high-quality content will attract users oi visit your website where again you can impress them with your offering and product quality both in terms of content and value.

- The inbound leads will have a direct effect on the sale 
People searching for your product on the search engine will find you and thus most of your work is done. They have chosen you which indicates a sale. So, the effort of outbound sale that demands calling and sending emails does not arise here.

- Makes mobile-friendly websites
Users are now mostly engaged on their mobiles and prefer searching from the mobile than through laptops, tabs or desktops. Mobiles are easily accessible. Therefore, Google says, the user experience for websites should be focused on mobile devises and companies should ensure that exploring through mobile is seamless and the webpage or content is easy to view on their devices.

- The loading speed is increased
The page loading becomes faster and ensures that users can access your content easily. Slow loading will lead to a bounce from the page as people will ignore the content without even seeing it. SEO’s page prioritization affects the page loading speed and brings the content faster.

Types of SEO

Three types of SEO are responsible for improving your search position.

  • On-page SEO
  • The keywords research and usage practice on high-quality content distributed on the different pages of your website. 

  • Off-page SEO
  • Strengthening the relationship of your website with other websites by building backlinks and encouraging other websites to link back to your website. 

  • Technical SEO
  • Relates to crawlability, indexing, site speed, site architecture, mobile mobility, security, structured data. 

SEO is done through both paid and free tools. There are many paid tools in the market but free tools like Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner and SEP if correctly used can drive a healthy rank in the search engine pages.  

For increasing your online visibility and sale it is imperative to have a fully balanced SEO plan and it is crucial to your marketing strategy.


PPC is a well-liked strategy for reaching potential clients online. It is a business model in which the advertiser compensates the publisher when his advertisement is clicked. Here, the advertiser's primary goal will be to increase traffic to the website or to the specific promotion page.

With the help of our PPC services, you may establish your brand identification and draw rapid web visitors from search engine results. We are one of India's leading providers of PPC marketing services with extensive experience in offering small to large businesses excellent PPC ad management services.

Social media Marketing

Most of your customers are already interacting on social media therefore this makes social media the most powerful business platform. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp and others are powerhouses of online social gatherings and can prove to be a great advantage for your product and services. You can easily build a following who will prove to be great influencers for your brand. 

Social media marketing is internet marketing that comprises sharing content on social media networks that help you achieve your marketing and branding objectives. Activities that include posting texts, images, videos and other contents that draw the audience attention and engages them, is all a part of social media advertising. 

Building a social strategy resolves the goals, identifies the target audience, identifies the social site where your target audience is concentrated. What will be your business profiling when you market on social media will depend on your business type? Businesses that hold immense visual interest will be attracted to platforms like Instagram or Pinterest while businesses that deal with B2B marketing will consider advertising on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Media Marketing taps on various marketing necessities like raising brand awareness and building a strong brand identity. It also builds an easy communication flow between the brand and the audience. Once you begin to engage with your audience on a larger scale and also start receiving their response, you will observe automatic conversion. 

In social media content is everything, therefore, maintaining consistency and posting informative and educational content regularly is well accepted and helps in growing your reputation. The content can be in form of a blog, video, post, image, infographic, DIY guide, just about anything. But while it entertains it should offer some value that remains with the audience. 

Unique and original content also gains followers and if your blog, article or any content finds value with the audience, shares will happen automatically. Gaining trust and reliability in social media may take time but once established this is one strength that will take you a long way. 

Social media also helps you to track your competitors and also helps in fuelling valuable data for keyword research along with other insights. 

Social media also allows measuring success by tracking data. Using analytic tools offers an understanding of the success of the techniques used. Attaching tracking tags with marketing campaigns help monitor the success of the campaign. 

Each social media site has its character and personality. Facebook keeps a friendly and casual environment and the strategy placed here demands high activity. The visual components are highly valued here and creating a business fan page will help you embark on this highly busy social media platform.

Pinterest is a growing social media platform that shares information and is a great point of sale for any company. With more female followers than males, this is a great place of interest for women. Twitter is a place for making announcements, broadcasting and LinkedIn is for the professional audience. YouTube offers immense scope for video content. Most of your audience is attached to these platforms.